Made for your soul creates custom made terrariums and kokedamas for all occasions. These are unique, one of a kind, original creations that make wonderful gifts for all those special days. These are long lasting living works of art that bring nature indoors and can beautify any room in your home. Give someone you care about a special, locally crafted indoor garden or hanging kokedama and it will be sure to bring joy and happiness into someone’s home. Prices as low as $20, plus delivery fee, where applicable.


A terrarium, is a garden in a glass container. This technique was very popular in the nineteenth century, and is now gaining ground every day. You can create all kinds of landscapes, from a scene of a forest to a desert or tropical jungle. You can even add water, rocks and small objects like, furniture, buildings, animals or people, to make it looks like a real scene.

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Kokedamas, meaning moss ball, is a style of Japanese bonsai that takes presentational aesthetic outside the box, literally. Kokedama are made by transferring your plant out of its pot and into a ball of soil held together with moss and string.
String gardens take this tradition a step further by suspending these little green worlds in the air. They are great way....

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Air Plants

There are many reasons for their unique characteristics. Once they pass their initial introduction into their new home (about a month), they have much greater chance of thriving than a potted plant. Air plants are extremely adaptable and are able to put up with a much broader range of climate conditions than most plants. In fact they can survive in a temperature range...

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